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Newbie in the house. Looking for your feedback.

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Newbie in the house. Looking for your feedback.

I am new to using affiliate marketing to generate income but have found a product which I have purchased in the past and like it so thought I would concider starting with.

The product is called "Jurisdictionary" and is a step by step training course for going to court without a lawyer. It's been around for a good few years now and many people are looking towards doing it themselves.

The website is not brilliant but based on what affiliate programs are normally like what do you guys think? Your input would be very much appreciated.

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Welcome to the forum, Jamie! Good luck in your efforts!
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Hi Jamie,

If you're knowledgeable on the subject and can create a decent amount of unique content, I see no reason why you wouldn't be successful. Try sticking with a product or service you know you have a lot to say about, and that you don't mind talking about ALL THE TIME. Since you'll constantly have to tweak your campaigns and pages, it helps to know your stuff AND like it! If you think this product meets all those suggestions, then I think you have a winner. Good luck!
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