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New Wordpress Affiliate Marketing Plugin

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New Wordpress Affiliate Marketing Plugin

So I work for a company that just launched an affiliate program. We, are a social shopping network and we just released a plug in for Wordpress where you can create your own virtual store on your blog. I'd love some help. We need people to try out the plugin and give us feedback. it is a free plugin.

I also have my own personal blog and to date the most profitable thing has actually been sharing items on Pinterest. Which is another option the program offers.

Yes, we'd like people to try our wordpress plugin and let us know what they think. But I'd also like to know what is considered a normal monthly revenue from an affiliate program.

Most of our current users are bloggers, much like myself, and they mentioned also having success with Adwords.

If anyone is interested, I'm also looking for experienced affiliate pro's to interview. This is who we are: http://publisher.wishpot.com/

Thanks in advance,
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