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New Niche on the Movie Market - 75 % payout for Affiliates

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New Niche on the Movie Market - 75 % payout for Affiliates

I´v found this product and i think it´s a good niche, with good growing potential. Good chance of great conversion and a 75 % pay out for me as an affiliate...

This is what I have found about this product:

Total 3D Source gives a great chance for you, as an affiliate, to promote a new hot and totally unique niche on the movie market! 3D movies is the future of watching movies, the technology is here to stay! It’s a growing business that’s getting bigger every day. People wants to learn more and get 3D content to there brand new 3D televisions. For the moment it’s hard to find good 3D content online, but total3dsource.org has the solution!

You can become one of the first affiliates to promote this hot product – which means great conversion and money in the bank thanks to 75% commission on all sales! Total3dsource.org is first out on the internet to provide a 3D Movie service – and you can be a part of it today!

The service provided by total3dsource.org is an easy sell – which means better conversions and more money in your pocket – it’s all up to you, the sky is the limit.

Key benefits of becoming a part of our affiliate family:

· Promote a great 3D movie download and search service!
· Promote our 3D guides on how to learn more about 3D.
· Become one of the first to promote this hot unique niche!
· Earn a remarkable 75% commission on all sales!
· Convert any movie related traffic easily and effectively.

What do you people think, could this be a great product to work with? 75% sounds like a good start....
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Can't get website up to review. Bad start...
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I checked their website today, and I think it looks promising....(I'm also a 3d fan), but I think it's a bit too early, because your market is limited, as only a small percentage of people actually have 3d ready tv's, and most would rather watch it in the cinemas. Still, I do think it's an interesting niche, and those who are willing are welcome to try it out and let us know if it works out : )
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