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New Clickbank account for every website?

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New Clickbank account for every website?

Hi Everyone,

Newbie here, just about to start on my affiliate venture. Hoping to use Clickbank, at least to begin with.

First question (of many) - do I need to create a new clickbank for every website I'm going to create?

What are the advantages of doing this?

Good luck everyone!


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I do not see an advantage in having a different clickbank account for each website domain. Clickbank's system can easily accomodate multiple website data. I have several websites using the same clickbank account.

I do have multiple accounts where the website commissions are divided among multiple website developers. This simplifies the accounting. Even on this clickbank ID there are several websites that use this clickbank ID. Separating these websites from those that are strictly mine keeps my personal sales information private from the other groups.

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Hi Martin,

You definitely don't need to create a separate Clickbank account for each site. You might consider that much further down the road when each site is generating a serious amount of money on it's own, but even then, not necessary as you can track individual sales of each product and therefore know which site it came from.
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