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Needanarticle.com - 50% Payout for New Signups Recurring

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Needanarticle.com - 50% Payout for New Signups Recurring

Site: www.needanarticle.com - An Article Writing Service that provides, SEO writing, business writing, technical articles, creative writing and more, get quality custom content today.

Commission is 50% of Needanarticle.com's monthly membership fee of $9.95 ($9.95 as of 9/1/13) for the life of the account. Payments are issued via Paypal every 30 days and you must accumulate 3 referrals or $25 in sales before you can be eligible for a payment.

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Who's it for?
-Internet marketing coaches/trainers etc. After you teach your students, send them on over to NAA to get content!
-Webmasters who are needing quality website content.
-Firms needing to outsource content creation for their clients. (e.g. SEO Firms.)
-You the affiliates. Stop making cookie cutter thin affiliate sites and start building long lasting affiliate businesses with bolder, better quality content.

Who's it NOT for?
-Type of Material we do not accept or write about. We reserve the right to reject ANY requests for articles/material we regard as offensive or inappropriate. Things that Need An Article™ regards as offensive or inappropriate are subjects such as: promoting bigotry, sexual deviance and or sexually immoral in nature. Exceptions can be made however on some sexual related topics where a medical aspect is involved. Topics on Black arts, black Witchcraft, voodoo, ‘demonism’ or satanic in nature. Topics condoning substance abuse. Topics condoning or promoting racism or hate. All such subjects are off limits at Need An Article™ and will be refused. Other types of requests we refuse to accept are ‘home work’ assignments from suspecting students looking to outsource their educational responsibilities.
See more at: needanarticle.com/index2/terms-of-use/

Who is Need An Article™ Anyway?
Started in 2006 by an e-mail marketer, a 'small' family owned site, still today able to compete with many of the top corp. funded sites, how? The answer is quality, quality service, quality writing.
See more at: needanarticle.com/index2/home/about-2/

Sign up and grab an affiliate link here:
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Writing Services - www.needanarticle.com
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I can vouch for needanarticle.com.

I have done a lot of business with them in the past as a customer and they truly know how to overdeliver.
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