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My site is not converting. What might be wrong here?

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My site is not converting. What might be wrong here?

Hi Guys,

I would be happy if you can raise any idea what might be wrong here, if at all.

I am promoting a product from clickbank, that has a gravity of more than 100.
I am promoting a site, dedicated to the subject, both in regular SEO and PPC.
my clickbank reporting showed me that I got 715 entries to the Vendor site through my hoplink since the month begining.
also the statistics showed that only 2 actually went to the form page. none of these 2 bought the product.

now here is the question -
as a rule of thumb we expect a 1% actual conversion to sales. meaning, I should have expected about 6 to 7 sales in comparison to the entries. so my 0 sales should indicate that it might not be a good and attractive product.
on the other hand - gravity is relativly high - so it means there are sales of this product, so chances it is not that bad.

-- So what am I missing / doing wrong here? what can be the problem?

Many Thanks,
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Hi Shay,
Welcome to Affilorama.
This is not really an easy thing to pinpoint.
If you have had 700 people go to the merchants site and no one has purchased anything then the merchants site could be bad when it comes to converting visitors to sales.

They could also have a pop up link or form asking them to sign up for a free newsletter.
Then.. that person does not bother buying.
The next week the vendor offers this person, ( via email ) a discount for buying the product.
Not saying this is the case but you never really know.
That is why I try not to promote merchants pages where they get the visitor to sign up to THEIR list.

Also, the merchant can also steal commissions by replacing your link with theirs but this is not a common thing, clickbank would shut them down (well we hope).

Also, is the offer highly related to your site? or does the offer just spark an interest.

Of course it can also be one of those "What the" moments in life where you are left scratching your head..lol.

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You might want to ask for a review of your site so that other members could make some suggestions on how to monetize it. You could post your review request in the Website Building section of the forum.
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