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My Clickbank Business Report

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My Clickbank Business Report

A couple of weeks ago Mark sent out a promo email for the above product. While there is nothing wrong with that, (It's his job after all) I often wonder where people like Mark find these products to promote.

Are they contacted by the developers with an offer to promote as a JV, or is there a place besides JVnotify.com etc. sites where you can go to find them?

Interestingly, I seriously considered buying MCBB at the time, but one of the many valuable lessons I’ve learned since being a member here, is to hold back on buying anything new until there is some feedback from people who have already bought it.

Some of you may have bought it and I’m sure that many would be interested in your comments.

This is what people have been saying on the warrior forum.com.


Cheers to All
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