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Low Avg %/sale: on Clickbank Top Programs

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Low Avg %/sale: on Clickbank Top Programs

I did just quickly browse thru the clickbank top 50 programs based on gravity which is not really all there is to it but this is more of indactors I am out after. To me it´s quite of a concern how low the Avg %/sale is. As I have learned it Avg %/sale is the % of sales that is refered by affiliates. I see a lot of programs are down to 50-60% some even lower my rule of tumb have been to promote those that are 80% or higher but those are quite rare these days.

That means that: 1: Vendor is running some massive self promotion himself, so you are up against a tough authority
2: Something shady is going on.
3: Or something else I can´t think of

What´s your take on this? Personally I don´t feel like working months on a site where 40-50% of the commisions is comming from else where than affiliates, there is alot of aff programs these days to pick and choose from even outside Clickbank. But the 75% commisions is tempting indeed :).
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It means that the owner is pretty proactive about sales. i will love to work with such a guy because there are quite good chances that this product will be there for long term and will have good sales in future too.
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