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Looking for products in the ticket niche

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Looking for products in the ticket niche

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for suggested affiliates for ticket based publishers who offer the best commissions and actually pay out to affiliates (I've run in to many publishers who simply don't record sales). Of course, I'm also looking for a company which offers good prices and great customer service for the end user.

I'm currently looking at TicketNetwork and TicketLiquidator, both which offer 12.5%. I've read some customer reviews on them and both have a few negatives where people bought tickets but never received them. I believe they handle a massive amount of tickets so it could just be a few one off scenarios.

Ticketmaster is the most popular and I just signed up for their program after approval and they're offering 1% commissions which is ridiculous.

I've been testing out TicketLiquidator for just a bit, sent a lot of targetted traffic over and 0 sales. It could just be my offering, or they're scamming. It would be great to know if anyone on the forum has dealt with any and have actually generating revenue from them, it would put me in a safer place to keep investing with them.

If anyone has any other recommended affiliates in the ticket niche, I would love to hear them. I'm with CJ.

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I think those two huge affiliates are okay as they have been operating for quite a time.

The only way to assure they are good-paying affiliates is to directly contact their affiliate manager and ask all of your questions. How fast and how often they will reply to you will help you assess how fast and reliable their customer support is with affiliates.

Also, it takes time to really find the right market for the offer. You will need to run a lot of campaign tests and experiment with different traffic platform to see which works best.
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