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Is Social Commissions Worth It?

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Is Social Commissions Worth It?

Does anyone have experience with Adrian Morrison's Social Commissions? It sounds like a good training program but I am a little concerned because it is by Anthony Morrison's brother. I have heard a lot of negative reviews about Anthony and his programs.

I just am hesitant to pay any money out for this because I am afraid it will be like Anthony's stuff where you can't make any money without buying all the upsells.
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The program is PPC using Plenty of Fish. Coaching is encouraged and is expensive. There's lots of upsells. Although I don't use this product I did read a lot or reviews about it. My advice is to wait for something better.
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I agree with seogorilla. It is better to wait for another product.

I didn't like the product the moment I checked their privacy policy. It's a bunch of crap that lacks formatting - one big paragraph of plain text. That's like saying "we don't care" to their users.

In addition, according to the privacy policy, you give them permission to:

- use your phone number for telemarketing and SMS marketing purposes
- contact you by phone even if you are listed in the "do not call" registry
- use your postal address for marketing and promotion

And, the most beautiful of all, you give them permission to share your information with third parties. Those parties can also reach you to promote their products via phone, e-mail, or direct mail.

I even considered buying the product at one moment, but good thing I felt the urge to check the privacy policy first.
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