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In-house affiliate program

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In-house affiliate program

Hi all,

We want to create in-house affiliate program and we need some advices from you. We are looking for affiliates that want to offer our services. We sell and rent ready online retail, wholesale stores connected to supplier products database. So customers that want to join this network don't need to invest in products before are ordered from their stores and they display 50.000 items with no risk of loosing money.

So our offer is about starting own business or becoming own boss without risk of big investment and not loosing much time. All products stock-level is updated every hour and new products are introduced automatically. Worldwide dropshipping is also available. So customer just need to focus on selling products offered in his online retail or wholesale store.

We have decided to start in-house program because it is difficult to find proper affiliate network for this kind of business. Besides we think that the best way for affiliates to promote our services will be ready websites where customers online may rent or buy stores.

So we want to sell ready websites for about 10-20 Euro/USD for all interested customers. We don’t want to earn on these websites but on the other hand we want to avoid situation that we give away websites for people not really interested in this business.

We want to offer affiliates 30% commission of all transaction made. The average order value is about 300-400 Euro.

This website is very similar to our main one where we offer our services. There are links connected to our main website as well. To ensure affiliates we play fair we want to offer 10% extra for their customers. In this situation even if customer visit our website they we’ll see higher prices.

What do you think about it. What other things we might do to ensure affiliates this is secure for them. We know that lack of secure might be one of main problem of in-house affiliate programs.

I'll appreciate for any help guys.

If something is not clear I'll explain and answer all questions.
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