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I want to outsource construction of affiliate websites

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I want to outsource construction of affiliate websites

Are there any web writers who would write an affiliate web site with good content and backlinks. Which software would you suggest to buy and what rate would you charge to build a site(s)?

thanks for your help.
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Welcome to the forum, Johnmurtagh.

This thread might help answer your question:
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Hi John,

That is actually a hard question to answer. However, there are a few things I would recommend.

1. Use Wordpress, not the freebie. Get your own hosting account and domain name. Get the seo plugins, keyword luv, and a few other good ones.

2. You should do the research. Personally I wouldn't want to be responsible for the research, at least not the niche or clickbank product you want to sell.

3. Once you come up with your niche, make sure you buy a good keyword domain name if possible. .com, .net, .org.

4. SEO - This is also part of your research and sort of up to you how far you want to take it. Once you have the site created, you will either have to promote it yourself or hire someone to promote it for you.

Let's say you promote it yourself. Have you learned what you can and cannot do regarding getting specific keyword phrases obtaining a nice first page top position in Google? If you know your limits you can establish your keywords for your articles you'll have written.

In the beginning my limit was 15,000 in quotes. Then as time went by and I gained more experience and was able to afford different seo tools, products and services I began to see that I could rank well for keywords above 500,000 depending on the PR of the top 10 sites.

I think if I were to personally build something like this I would have you tell me the niche, ask you a few questions about how you planned to promote it, then maybe help you brain storm some keywords.

I would recommend a site with a minimum of 20 pages to start. And I would create it as a WP blog. Something simple, with a simple header graphic.

To outsource the articles would probably cost about $4.00 per article to get decent quality content. So, I'd probably charge something like $300.00.

I believe I saw someone selling them for $167.00, which sounds like a really good deal. I would just encourage you to research the niche and the keywords of any site you wanted to buy.

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