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I need feedback about getting affiliates

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I need feedback about getting affiliates

Hey guys

We just created a ClickBank approved product which is a forex trading eCourse and everyone is on about recruitting affiliates. We realised that it may sound simple to dangle money in front of someone simply to promote your product and realise it's not that easy. Getting affiliates means that you have to backtest your sales funnel and test your sales page conversion rate. We've had a 16.75% conversion rate but even so it's not that simple so please check out our sales page here currency-articles.com/copy-of-learn-to-trade-ecourse and any constructive criticism is allowed. Our affiliate page link with affiliate tools is right here: currency-articles.com/partners-affiliates what changes would you provide and I'd like to see some of your sales pages too to add my 2 cents ":)
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Your affiliates page look fine, and has the information your would-be affiliates need to sign up. Your sales page is what needs working on. The design of the page is outdated, and the information is not presented well.

I suggest you change the sales page. Affiliates look at the product's sales page as this is the same page users will be ordering from. Any user will think twice before ordering from a sales page that looks like it hasn't been updated in years.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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