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How to work efficiently with CPA Networks from Malaysia

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How to work efficiently with CPA Networks from Malaysia

I am now retired in Malaysia and would very much like to focus on CPA but have to resolve a few problems such as :
- Having a phone number from Malaysia
- How do I access the North American campaigns.... do I have to use proxies...?

Basically I would appreciate any guidance for the best approach and method that I should be using to get the acceptance and approval by the CPA Networks and also which are the Networks you would suggest I begin with...?

Grateful for your assistance

Best Regards, Frank
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Hi Frank,

Commission Junction, Linkshare, and OneNetworkDirect all accept publishers from Malaysia and although the programs in these networks are not strictly CPA, these can be good places to start with and your location as well as having a Malaysian phone number would not be an issue.

With the three networks that I mentioned, and with which I have several years experience, having a website that's already up and running is key. And when applying to specific programs, a common criterion is for your website to have a topic which is related to the product you are seeking to promote. For example, when seeking to promote Encyclopedia Britannica products, your site would need to be a reference and/or education type of site.

Bear in mind, though, that it is not always easy to get accepted. Some programs have very stringent requirements. If you are declined for several programs, don't lose heart and try for other programs.

And remember that there is always good old clickbank, where, although it's not a CPA network, it is easy to sign up and and get approved. You can promote clickbank products and make money from them in the meantime that you are not yet approved for CPA programs.

With respect to having a Malaysian phone number, if this is an issue with some CPA networks, I am thinking that you could actually sign up for a VOIP service with which you can have a US phone number.

As for North American campaigns, I believe that having your site hosted with a company that has servers based in North America, as well as geo-targeting a North American location, would help a lot.

Just my two cents. I hope it helps.
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