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How To Split Test Sales Letters With Clickbank Products?

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How To Split Test Sales Letters With Clickbank Products?


Below is a ticket I submitted to Clickbank, but I am not sure if the person there will really provide a definitive answer, so I copy it here:

"Products 9 or 12 of this account are ready for submission to Marketplace. Please consider them.

They are the same product with a slightly different sales letter headline and opening, which brings me to my second question...

How do I split test two versions of a sales letter when the product is live and affiliates are sending traffic to it?

I didn't see how to do that, which is why I set up two Clickbank products with two sales letters and two thank you pages, and then used my own tracking system to add codes to the various pages to count how many people land on the sales letter and how many end up on the thank you page (which, of course, you are also showing from the number of sales of each of the two products).

Is there a more elegant way to do this, using just ONE product? Anyway, the way I am doing it now requires sending people to one of the two pages requiring a split test URL. Again, this is not a Clickbank hoplink, so how could the affiliates ever enter their affiliate ID in? In the present case, the split test link sends the visitor to sales letters for either product 9 or 12, and the hoplink is in the buy button. So, how do the affiliates enter their Id into this scenario? I do not see a way."

Any thoughts or advice anyone might have on this subject would be gratefully received. Thank you.
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We use Optimizely ( https://www.optimizely.com/ ) to run split-tests like this. It starts at $17 - $19/month.

It's pretty easy to set up, and you can either tweak the copy inside the page (and all visitors will see the same URL) or set up a redirect so that half your visitors go to a different page (if the content/layout is significantly different).

That way your affiliates can continue to send traffic to the same page, and you don't need multiple Clickbank products.
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