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How To Sell Make Money Products Post-FTC?

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How To Sell Make Money Products Post-FTC?

How does one sell "Make Money" products in this post-FTC new guidelines world? Or is the answer, you don't?


How does one sell "Make Money" products in this post-FTC new guidelines world? Or is the answer, you don't?

I had rights to a few products from one bizop information product creator, with titles like "The Midas Method" and "7 Secrets Of The Millionaires", and for now I have taken them off the market altogether. I have no idea how to write a compelling sales letter about such products that does NOT promise the readers that he/she will make any money, and that ONLY allows you to include testimonials of "typical" results.

In fact, the same concerns apply to even relatively innocent products like Direct Mail courses, which also promise the buyer that they can make money by starting a Direct Mail business. How do you sell that without promising the person that they can make "any" money and keeping the testimonials "typical" - where typical is that the person does NOTHING at all, or else does the wrong things and loses money?

Your thoughts would be valued.


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The new FTC regulations require that you disclose that you're earning affiliate commissions on products you're recommending. For the average affiliate site you're probably safe with a disclaimer in the footer at this stage. That's the *unofficial* answer, because nobody is really sure how it's going to play out, but that's all Mark is doing right now.

Here are some things that you need to check:
-Affiliate links need to be disclosed.
-You need to disclose if you got the product for free.
-Disclosures need to be obvious.
-Affiliates need to be users of the product. If not, this has to be disclosed.
-Affiliates and merchants cannot make claims that is not supported by data.
-Affiliates need to make sure that merchants comply with FTC guidelines or else may be held liable.

FTC just started to reinforce the guidelines last December 1 so we will know more as time goes. We will pass them on to Affilorama members as we get more information.
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