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How To Promote CPA Offers

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How To Promote CPA Offers

I just joined a Cpa Network and I am promoting it with PPV Marketing

But I was also wondering about other ways to promote CPA.

My affiliate manager says you can't send to your Facebook Friends or Youtube Friends.

So, can you promote the direct link, for like a Zip or Email Submit
In Articles in Article Directories...

And what Article Directories accept afffliate links.

I suppose I can make Youtube Videos and promote Cpa Offers...

Also my Cpa Network says I can incentivize or give a gift away and get a Name and Email Address On A Opt IN Form.

But they told me, I can set up landing pages, I am confused at what they mean my landing pages,
If you can't give away something like normal affiliate programs, and get their name and email address.
Whats the point.. I guess I will just direct link.

So let me know any suggestions and advice. I would appreciate that,
Ray Gollis
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Hi Ray,

I promote CPA offers the way I promote clickbank products: I put affiliate links on my sites and I push them in my newsletters. I find that those methods are the most effective and they are both approved by all networks and programs.

I believe what they mean by landing page is a page where you push their product. Like an article page where you would discuss the product, in a review for example. And on that page you would insert affiliate links where appropriate.

I hope that helps :)
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