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How to find a profitable affiliate program in CJ

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How to find a profitable affiliate program in CJ

Hi everybody...

I'm on the hunt for some good affiliate programs. I've learned that one of the giants in affiliate networks is CommissionJunction. We do now how to look at the numbers in Clickbank(like gravity rate, etc.) to know if it's a good affiliate program or not.

Now I'm wondering if any of you guys have got some techniques in determining which of the affiliate programs in CommissionJunction are profitable ones?... Is there any way to look at the numbers/stats there and tell if it's a good one or not?

Your help would be greatly appreciated! ^_^
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You can check on Network Earnings as well as the 3 Month and 7 Day EPCs; the higher these are, the better selling the product is. You will also want to look at the commission rates; some are in percentages and some are in dollar amounts.

I go for those programs which have high network earnings and EPCs and at the same time pay out high commissions.
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