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How does Elance send finished articles

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How does Elance send finished articles

Yesturday I heard from my writer stating that he would send me my first 3 articles on Tues which was yesturday and I still don't have them.

I created a big fuss writing messages at Elance (contact us) and in their forum, and in this forum, plus a message to the writer who originally stated that my first 3 articles would be delivered within a day, and my proposal for a writer was the 23d Dec.

He contacted me yesturday saying that he was off for the holidays and is catching up and I would recieve my 3 articles on Tues (yesturday)

This writers resume is very good with 100% feed back, and his only drawback is that he's late for some of his work, but now I'm starting to get a little concerned because I want to finish week 3 but stuck until my articles arrive.

I even considered writing the writer again asking him if he would take a $10,00 or $20,00 a day penalty for his lateness, but I really don't want to create bad feelings and unsure of how to proceed in case the quality of the articles suffer if he is pissed at me.

.How do I receive my articles ? Do I receive an email link for each article, or do I have to log into Elance to view them ? This little matter wasn't mentioned in the video or at Elance and I'm pretty sure they're not going to arrive in the mail LOL, and for all I know they might have been sent but I don't know where to find them.

And if they haven't been sent then can you give me an idea of how to proceed. (I could have written 30 articles myself in this time frame but Mark and Aletta emphasized outsourcing to save time and and so far it's been anything but).

Sorry to be a pain : Larry
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Larry Bauge
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Hi Larry,
Did you specify to him in your agreement that if he is late that there will be a daily penalty?
This is good to do when assigning a job.
Also, It is the holiday season, so keep that in mind.
Having said that, if he said Tuesday then it needs to be Tuesday.
I have had articles written and they have been a week late.
Sometimes this is just what happens.
If you are not happy, then assign the job to another bidder.
I would give it a few days so he can get back to you though... that way you can say to the writer that he said Tuesday and you waited till Friday.... so the job is going to someone else.

Just out of interest what country is this writer from?
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