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How do I start a serious lingerie affiliate website?

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How do I start a serious lingerie affiliate website?


I m new in the block and i really want to start a website with the best choosen lingerie on it.
I live in Holland and this is my wish already for a long time.
How to start and does anybody know a good example which i can see on the net?

Any good suggestions are more than welcome.


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If you want a directory of dropshippers, you could join SaleHoo (http://www.salehoo.com). Affilorama and SaleHoo is under the same parent company :)

To build your site, you could start with the Introduction to Affiliate Marketing lessons then watch the Site Building lessons and follow the outline provided on the right panel of the Site Building page.
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Want a step-by-step training program in affiliate marketing? Affiloblueprint is a "hand-holding" course that will will show you how to build a site, drive traffic to it, and monetize it.

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Hi Miriam this is a web site a friend built for hat sales because she had a dream like your idea only she thought she could sell hats maybe she has but not when I last talked to her a few months ago. She is a marketing executive but has not caught the idea of internet marketing. But if you do this course I believe you will be able to sell anything you want. It's just that some things make good money and some times you have to follow your passion. There has been quite a few people wanted to do just that and the general outcome is always it's always up to you. If you follow the blueprint here you can sell whatever you want with in reason it's not a get rich quick project so take your time and do it right that's my best advice.
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