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How do I incorporate affiliate marketing with my business

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How do I incorporate affiliate marketing with my business

I have a business which offers a tangible product, that everyone uses, and everyone generally buys one of these every year or so. Nothing devious about the product. Solid business in the running for 2 years and we recently had an investor get involved and highly advised for us to look into affiliate marketing.. I first looked up the big boys in the field.. I don't want to mention other sites names in fear of violating the rules here. But I generally work better with an individual as appose to a company, So for you experienced veterans out there please break down are these companys worthwhile? Should I search for an individual to work with? Should I create my own team? Are you interested?

Thanks for your time people.
Danny K.
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I don't know what kind of volume you are talking about but you can run your own affiliate program.

I have known people who have ran affiliate programs useing 1 shopping cart, 1 shopping cart will track all of your affiliate info, amount due claw backs and the works. You would still have to send the check, but all would be tracked.

The other great thing about 1 shopping cart is that it will manage your email promotions as well. That is to say...send out sales and promational info on a predetermeined basis.

The draw back is that you would have to find affiliates, they wouldn't find you.

I guess I would use a service such as commision juction if the volume was hudge.

I understand clickbank will be accepting physical products soon. When they do floods of affiliates will find you, if you were listed there.

Ebay and Amazon dot com are really affiliate managers when you boil it down. They make the sale for you for a cut. No better exposer anywhere, if your product is search on the engines.

Ebay and Amazon both have affilaite programs. If you had an ebay store or listed with amazon you could end up with an army of people promoteing your products.

The draw back with ebay and amazon is that you can't directly sell to you new costomers. The leads belong to them to promote to in the future.

Good luck

I hope I helped and I hope other people will post some helpfull info as well.
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J.C. Dean

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