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How Can I Get People to Buy through My Link?

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How Can I Get People to Buy through My Link?

I am now and have been an affiliate for Blubonnet spa emporium for a little while now and it doesn't seem to be going any where. I mean I have advertised, but most of the feed back I get it "oh how nice." other then that no one goes any further then actually looking at the website. How can I get ppl to buy or do you think this one is a lost cause? here is my link:

(broken link removed)

Tell me what you think. Is this a lost cause or should I keep trying?

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First of all, the site is not even appealing, the merchant could definitely come up with something better.
Second, the pages simply scream "buy, buy buy!" without even really discussing the value or merits of the product, such as what makes the products better than others like it. In other words, it does not give the visitor any reason to buy.
Third, the products are things that one would more likely buy in person. They are mostly based on scent and since the merchant does not refund for not liking a scent, not many would want to buy. I myself would want to know what something smells like before I even consider buying it.
I'd say drop it and start on something that would be more worthwhile.
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Hi there,

I agree with Faradina, that the site is not almost appealing and that may be one of the reasons why you have no success promoting it.

I would suggest you visit the Clickbank Marketplace. Then select a certain type of product you are interested in.
Then visit some of the sites to see for yourself what they are offering and how they are presenting it.
And if you like it create a hoplink and start advertising via your own website, via free or paid adsites, in ezines, whatever.

Also, I believe, that you should not put all your eggs in one basket, as the saying goes.
What I mean by that; select a couple of products, either in the same market or in other markets. That will give you a chance to find out which product is converting and which is not. There are far too many affiliateproducts out there to keep concentrating on one that is not converting. Try something else and ensure this one has a better website!

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