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home depot

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home depot

I have a website that sells flooring through affliate marketing. I was very frustrated about all the work I put in with no sales. After thinking about it I thought noone buys flooring online without first getting samples so I went through the work to put the links to the samples right next to the product link. Now I see that home depot has a very small cookie only 1 day. Once someone gets the link to the sample if they decide to buy they will go directly to home depots site without going back to my site so I will not be paid. The only way I saw around this was to go redo all the links with wayfair.com instead of home depot since they have a 30 day cookie but wayfair.com does not accept affliates from my state due to nexus tax laws. I feel this is getting pretty hopeless.
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I don't know much (ok, anything) about this home depot, but perhaps you can go talk with them, do some networking.

For example, set something up where:
You refer your visitors to a specific representative, with a bonus if they mention that you refered them to the representative. Then this representative works through everything with them and pays ....... you if they purchase anything. Or perhaps pays you a smaller amount per person who is refered.

Not everything has to be done directly through affiliate programs, managers have a lot of room to move. I'd assume more so when they only have to pay for advertising when a sale is made. More cost effective than newspaper/radio I believe.

But as I said, I'm not familiar with that business so you might have to find your own angle.

Request a quote/sample, enter your first name/phone/email/post code(?)
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