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High gravity but low monthly views. Good to promote?

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High gravity but low monthly views. Good to promote?

Hello, I am new. I do not have any affiliate sites. I am studying and I have some doubts, and one is: I saw a product in clickbank in Cat: Software & Services : Foreign Exchange Investing that has a good gravity >10. I study the site in semrush.com and I only see 360 view /month.
Can someone explain this?
thank you
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Hi Miguel,

Gravity score as explained in Clickbank is based on the number of affiliates who made a sales/s in the span of 8 weeks.

Although the site's page views and gravity score are factors that are indirectly related, it is not surprising to see a gravity of 10 from a vendor who makes 360 pageviews a month.

There can be a lot of reasons for a low gravity score like the product may be just fairly new.
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