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Helloooo Affiliates!!!

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Helloooo Affiliates!!!

Dear affiliate partner,

We hope you’ve had an amazing weekend, and are now ready to get back into action!
As you know, we strongly believe that we are the company that lets our customers live their city in a new, exciting way, and this is why we’re offering many thrilling deals. You are welcome to join us today, and promote the attractive deals we have today!
Sign Up : https://www.awin1.com/signup.php?merchant=2891">www.awin1.com/signup.php?merchant=2891</a>
We witnessed an amazing success over the weekend: our London deal sold 400, and we are very much looking forward to this coming week-and so should you be!
Today’s deal in London appears to be a killer already, with our customers saving 63%: £6 for £16 worth of Sushi and authentic Japanese cuisine from the trendy Satori Sushi! We expect thousands today, so make sure you are a part of our success!
Other expected winners are our deals in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Glasgow and all the cities that include the Arty Prints deal, which we are sure you have looked into already? It is an absolute favourite , with £3, instead of £20 worth of photos, on print, canvas, frame, art block, poster, gatorboard or luxury print.
So go to our website now! Check out everything you may need to know for yourself, and start making profit now! We are looking forward to seeing some amazing results!

Thank you for your support, we enjoy working together and look forward to even more sales and profit!

With kind regards,

Christian Bertermann

Affiliate Manager

Tel: +44 (0)20 300 84 785

E-Mail: christian.bertermann@mycitydeal.co.uk

Skype: christian.bertermann
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It's ok to post your affiliate programs here, but don't be spamming the forum. Someone from your org posted just a little bit before this. Co-ordinate your efforts please!
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Are your changes not showing up on your website? Try doing a hard refresh! http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/cache/
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Hey there: have you tried blogging about your business?
Just a thought.
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