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Has anyone sold the ebook from ebookwholeseller? Opinions?

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Has anyone sold the ebook from ebookwholeseller? Opinions?

I want to get some experience of the online business as quickly as possible. I had bought ebookwholeseller package and want to start to selling ebook first. anyone has experience on that please give me some clue how to start it. ebookwholeseller ebooks have a mini-site already built. What is the conversion rate of these mini-site? thanks a lot!

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I'm sorry I have no experience with Ebookwholesalers so I can't tell you what the conversion might be - hopefully someone else will know but in the meantime you may as well get started :D

You already have a website for your book then all you have to do is:

1) choose and register a domain. ( I like Namecheap, you can use the coupon code "bestvalue" to get almost a dollar off)

2) get your domain hosted ( I use Hostgator's Baby account )

3) the last think you need to do is start promoting your site to get traffic - Take a look in the Affilorama member's area, Mark has a whole section of videos called "Search Engine Optimization & Generating Organic Traffic" - You'll also find videos on using PPC if you have some money to spend in the member's area.

I would try to put some unique twist on the book to make yourself stand out among the others offering the same thing. Try to think of a way maybe a bonus that you could add some value to your offer.

Hope that helps,
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one thing about ebook wholesaler books is that you need to choose wisely as to what book to promote. Some are reasonable quality, others are not.

Once you choose an ebook (or ebooks) that you want to promote, make sure that you write a more descriptive sales copy. (one of the best guides to writing sales copy around is willie crawford's power copywriting for the internet). Or if you don't want to pay money for such a book, i think there is one inside ebook wholesaler that teaches you this skill.

The sales copy that comes with ebook wholesaler books won't convert well, you need to rewrite it better yourself.

Personally I'd recommend you start out as an affiliate first, rather than a product owner, but if that is the path you'd like to get on then please take my advice above about the salescopy as this is essential.

All the best!!

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