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Get 30% lifetime cut on recurring sales

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Get 30% lifetime cut on recurring sales

Dear Webmasters,

Stockinvest.us offer free stock analysis for more than 8.000 shares in US and UK and got users from all over the world. We just launched our affiliate program offering 30% on all sales and life-time cut on recurring subscriptions!

Examples of your cut:
1 Year subscription == USD 66.00 in commission
1 Month subscription == USD 5.00 per month as long as subscription runs.

Normally we see following conversion:

10 visitors == 1 trail.
3 trails == 1 subscription

Average subscription sale in 2018 was USD 68.75

FinTech is the booming and see high conversion rates.

Product Description:

Stockinvest.us offers highly simple and intuitive stock analysis enabling investors to make better decisions when trading. A large part of our products are free, but some products, like the famous Golden Star, require subscription. The product have been well received and stockinvest.us was one of the fastest growing webservices in the FinTech field in 2018 and this seems to continue into 2019.

About the program:

• 30% commission on every sale.
• 50+ custom designed banners along with text and blog material. We will create custom ads for you free of charge.
• 120 days cookie life (sales tracking).
• Monthly payments through PayPal.
• Real time reporting with Tapaffilate.
• 24/7 support

If there is any questions feel free to contact us via our helpdesk or email me directly.

email: jim@stockinvest.us

NB: No cost involved in signup or maintnance. No risk involved.
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