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FlexSqueeze for easy WordPress landing pages

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FlexSqueeze for easy WordPress landing pages

It seems that the Flex Squeeze theme uses Word press for creating simple websites and also comes with special page templates to allow novice developers like me to quickly create mini style websites that like squeeze to become landing pages. Flex Squeeze is ideal for PPC money in helping people make money using Google Adwords and pay per click advertising campaigns.
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FlexSqueeze is good for absolute newbies.
If you cannot edit any html or CSS at all then this is the theme for you, In my humble opinion.
It is limiting though in the customization so keep that in mind.

Having said this, I would grab Mark's WP theme he built for Affiloblueprint members and go through the course.
This will really open your eyes up to the whole process.
Eventually you want to outsource but I recommend learning the stuff first so you have a better understanding of what you need from your outsourcers.
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I agree. troy, the AB theme is wortht the price of the AB course by itself. IF you want to run static sites using WP it is well worth the investment, and the training will help withe making your site successful.
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