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Does Theme Hosting Means Free WordPress Blog

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Does Theme Hosting Means Free WordPress Blog

I purchased Affilo Blueprint 3.0, why not purchase when 50% discount is available. I want to know does ThemeHosting means you are offering to host a wordpress blog for complete year.

Its very hard to really believe that you offered wordpress hosting for complete year for free, so just want to know am I mistaking it or you are really offering wordpress hosting for complete year.

I am creating new make money online campaign and I am planning to promote Affilo Blueprint as my first product in it.

Pardon if that sound silly but I have never seen insane offer like full year hosting given as bonus with any product, you know, really hard to digest.
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Hi nrupen,

Yes, included in Affiloblueprint is free hosting for one year for one site starting from date of purchase. The hosting is through Affillotheme Hosting.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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