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Does Clickbank's money back policy affect commissions?

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Does Clickbank's money back policy affect commissions?

Hi everyone,

My husband used to work for physical company and earn commissions, however they withhold his commission whenever their customer return the service or product or when free trial or promotion ends. I wonder if this is the same situation with online business? What happens if they want money back within 60 days guaranteed satisfaction??? Does Clickbank withhold money for 60 days?

I cannot find anywhere or anybody to answer this question for me. Any experienced affiliate who can help? Thanks!
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Yes, clickbank does not pay the commissions until the 60 day return period has ended. After the return period has ended clickbank will remit your commissions that are due.
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If someone gets a refund before the 60 days, then your commission is revoked. That's why it's important to get targeted, prequalified traffic and while this won't completely stop the refunds, it will definitely help reduce the number.
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