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does affilorama/mark ling has a similar product to this

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does affilorama/mark ling has a similar product to this

just wondering does mark ling/affilorama has a product that is similar to imeye , niche reaper. software that discovers keywords/niches for its users without the users need to do the hardwork.
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I have not used "Niche Reaper" so I cannot answer this question directly as my answer will be limited by the sales sheet that I have just checked out.

I believe Traffic Travis 3 will do most of the things that I have just read that Niche Reaper is able to acquire. Traffic Travis 3 comes in two versions, regular and professional. I believe the major difference between the two is that the professional version will save results resulting in being able to print the searches. Affilorama has also created Traffic Travis 4 which has greater abilities than TT3. I believe these products have greater capability than Niche Reaper.

Hope this helps!

Margene Smith
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Agreed, Mark Ling has Traffic Travis, good tool.

Niche Reaper is such an awesome name though!
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