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ClickBank Vendor Spotlights Coming Soon

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ClickBank Vendor Spotlights Coming Soon

On Monday, September 21, ClickBank will be adding Vendor Spotlights to our Marketplace. These will allow for more communication than ever before between vendors and affiliates.

A link to the Vendor Spotlight will appear in the Marketplace next to each product. These Spotlights will include the following info:

- Sales statistics about that vendor
- Vendor-created ads for the products, which gives affiliates a better idea of how to promote the product, relevant sales messages, etc.
- Recommended vendors (chosen by that product's vendor)
- A link to an affiliate resources page
- A product image

Vendors will also be able to provide regularly-updated news about the product, such as product updates, tips for promoting it, upcoming product releases from the vendor, etc. All of this information will make promoting products easier for affiliates, and will reward vendors who provide assistance to their affiliates.

If you're a ClickBank vendor, be sure to log in and create your Vendor Spotlight profile now! These go live next Monday. More information can be found here: http://bit.ly/4uwsaC

If you're an affiliate, be sure to check the ClickBank Marketplace early next week to see Vendor Spotlights in action.
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