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Clickbank not allowing signups from KZ

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Clickbank not allowing signups from KZ

Affilorama offers products I am truly interested in as an affiliate marketer. But Clickbank does not allow me promoting products on their platform, because I am from KZ.

And that is the only reason: because I am from Kazakhstan.

This so frustrating. Initially I was able to sign up with Clickbank, and actually started sharing Affilorama's affiliate links to my subscribers. Then, all of a sudden, Clickbank blocked my account with the leads going to "unauthorized affiliate" page.

Sure, there are other affiliate networks and platforms I am working with, but I feel a little discriminated (which is why I wrote this post :)).

Anyway, have a great day, dear Affilorama forum members! And see you around on the forum.
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Hi. Did you successfully signed up and made an account with Clickbank?

Because in my case, Clickbank said they won't make me an account without any reason.
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