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Chris Carpenter sales call

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Chris Carpenter sales call

I received a call the other night from a salesman from Chris Carpenter
(thats the guy mark promoted on one of his webinars, his product is
Google Cash detective if you know it.)

Anyway the sales man was one cheeky guy.. His offer went something like this..

Hello, this is such and such from "chris carpenters team"
I noticed you tried the free trial on google cash detective and I'd Iike to
to see if you are into making big money? (eh who isnt??)
I told him everyone wants to make big money dont be so stupid, to which he replied
"yeah...but do you want to make big money fast or slow??" (what a jackass)
I told him of course I want to make money fast, dont spit out ignorant retorical questions!!

Without acknowleding what I'd said he went straight into a sales pitch telling me "chris" was
setting up a focus group in which he'd personaly mentor me and wanted to know how big into
"internet marketing" I was (I just tried a trial about learning how to make money, so another
stupid question
) He said Chris wanted totaly new guys who knew nothing so he could use
me as a testimonial (lucky me) on one of his sites.

He went on to say, not letting me speak, "have you got 4-5 hours to spare a week...if not your
no good to me" I said "yeah everybody has 5 hours a week to spare...that was a real stupid
question" He then recited his whole sales pitch again, reminding how lucky I'd be but had to
want to make big money fast, and have 5 hours a week for intensive personal training.

I then asked him "what is the diference between chris and affiloblueprint?" (he didnt answer me)
"I've used google cash and his other products..and I didn't like them.. affilorama is far better" I said.

To which he said- "YES but Chris is going to take you under his wing, but only if your serious about
making big money fast etc etc (jackass) to which I replied " how much?" he said "what do you much?" he went on to give me another sale pitch..

So i said "So you teach me how to make money and you guys get your genuine testimonial from me?
So then everybodys happy and its not gona cost me any money then is it??"


No wonder you have a bad name chris, your a crook! you cash in on the naive and needy...go away!!

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A scenario such as the one described above is indeed very bad. For those of you who live in the United States and do not wish to be called by telemarketers, you can register your number in the National Do Not Call Registry
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YESH, please do NOT accept these offers. I can tell you from "personal" experience it is a bad idea. Years ago this happened to me. In my case, the guy lied his "lower brains" off. Told me they would give me products to sell and show me how to use them. $2400.00 scam.

I even told him what I already knew, "You mean you guys can teach me more than this,that and all this stuff I already know???" "Yes, we can and so much more... our students are earning 3/4k a month...bla bla yah right.

What really bothers me is I'm wondering do these guys "sell" our phone numbers? When they ask you for a phone number, give them the local utility office or DMV or something.

It makes me sick when I think of what happens to people who get scammed into these things. Credit card companies can help you recover your loss in case you've gotten hooked. Just depends on when it happened.

Let's see... last year in a period of about 5 months I think I was getting one call from these bums per month. Different guys each time. I would say, "Oh, yah, well, listen dude, I'm already making good money online. I can teach you guys a thing or two" and you know they would STILL try to see if they could work the conversation around to sucker me in.

No way. I hate to be mean or rude on the phone but if they call me again I'm just going to say, "Please take me off your list" and hang up.

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