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Choosing the right affiliate program - as a merchant

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Choosing the right affiliate program - as a merchant

Hi all - I'm new here at affiliorama but loving what I see so far.

I've just completed a project with a friend of mine (we are both based down here in NZ).

It's a personal development / self improvement course designed to help people get what they want in life in terms of being more effective at setting goals and overcome the things that can at times, hold us all back.

Really pleased with the overall end product and initial feedback on course material is very positive.

However, I'm now looking at how best to got about setting up an affiliate program so others can be involved in the selling and marketing piece. The affiliate link is situated at http://www.core-resourcing.com/affiliates and within there are shortcuts to the video series that we've built as part of the presales process along with links to all the actual course materials and audios.

Really keen to hear feedback from the rest of the marketing community as to;
format and approach of sales funnel
general look and feel of site and course materials
any thoughts on who best do we use as an affiliate management company - is clickbank the best for this given version 1 will be all digital delivery?

Anyways - have a look and see what you think - Id love to hear form you all.


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