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Can I Really Make Money This Way?Is Clickbank oversaturated?

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Can I Really Make Money This Way?Is Clickbank oversaturated?

Isn't everyone and their dog promoting something on Clickbank now... thereby making those markets totally saturated? OR are people still finding good niches to explore and earn money with on Clickbank? I just recently completed AffiloBlueprint and chose the weight loss niche (probably not the best "first" niche to pick!)... my site has earned ZERO dollars and gets very little traffic... I did learn alot in the process as it was really a learning project for me and that's OK... however I sure wish I could earn a little money along the way!

Now I'm looking for a niche and Clickbank product to promote and finding the the keywords are difficult to research as this niche is relatively young (it is NOT brand new though!). So... I look for other niches/products on Clickbank... when I do my keyword research I find that there is sooooo much competition - that I get overwhelmed by it all.

Can I really compete against these guys and get some traffic and get some sales? What is the secret to overcoming the wave of feeling like your hard work and effort just can't pay off? I've already put many months worth of hard work and effort into my first clickbank affiliate niche - which has bombed completely. I need a little boost to my morale to help me along... money would be the best boost! Otherwise, I feel like I am just wasting hours and hours and hours of work here... with NOTHING to show for it... and my wife is getting a bit frustrated with all the time I'm spending online trying to build something for our future... with NOTHING to show for it....

... So back to my original question - is Clickbank oversaturated making those keywords too difficult to rank for and get traffic? (I can't afford to do PPC - only SEO tactics for me at this stage of the game).

If not Clickbank, then how do I make some money as an affiliate? How do others on this forum make money if not on Clickbank? I have done 12 experimental Adsense sites in the past 6 weeks which have earned me a whopping US$13.25. I have also earned US$0.52 from an Amazon affiliate site I built recently. This is not enough money to even get a single pay day from any of these affiliates.

Before Affilorama/Affiloblueprint I built a site using my own ebook (unique PLR ebook from Niche Profit Classroom) and following NPC's blueprint method. I sold one copy of that ebook on Clickbank. Earning about US$15. Still no paycheck from them because its not enough money to warrant it yet.

so... really I'm just pooped out with effort and nothing to show for my work... and I need a little advice and encouragement. I've been busting it hard since May of 2009 to learn about Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. I've spent hundreds of dollars on programs to help me learn and follow blueprints... show me the money! I have certainly shown the money to others - to the tune of thousands of dollars when you add up all the programs I've belonged to, subscriptions, etc.

I need someone to remind me that it really can be done... that others are still doing it - and that they AREN'T "super" "mega" affiliates like Mark Ling or others with the backing of outsourced armies of workers. In other words, can an average guy like me... who really is willing to put in the work and effort... make enough money to do this and eventually leave his day job?

I bought Affiloblueprint because Mark's sales pitch basically said "follow this blueprint, do these steps... earn money." It wasn't get rich quick... but at this point it's not get rich slow either!

Help! Any encouragement would be welcome... but actionable advice would be even more welcome! Mark - if you're out there... give me a little hope would you please? Thanks to all who 'listened' to my little crybaby pity party. I'm done forum posting for a while... back to actually trying to build something online... I'd much rather work and maybe earn something than gripe about not earning...

Thanks Affilorama people.
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I understand your frustration, but a few things I see here.

the products you promote have nothing to do with whether you rank for the keywords. I recommend going through the AB videos on site analysis week 9 I believe.
You can make money through clickbank. I own 5 sites right now, and 80% of my sales come from Clickbank.

This really only started taking off for me in the last 2 months, and I started in June. Before that, I had a few sales, and a little traffic. this business takes time and patience to be successful.

I understand it is a business, and you need to make some money, however, focusing on only making money will cause you to fail.

Everything I do is about helping the visitors to my site. I personally think you have to care enough about them to do what it takes to help them. Sometimes that even means helping someone who cannot pay for the products.
Look at every page on your site. If someone does not buy something, could they still get value, and a solution from what you have given them?
Many people tell me the way I do things leaves money on the table, but those people that I help for free often come back to me later to buy something.

You need to stick to one way of doing things. it seems you are bouncing around looking to make money fast. It can take months.

if you are a member of AB, I recommend submitting your site for review in the site review section. They can usually help you figure out why you are not converting tthe way you want.

You can do this. Don't give up. Making money on line takes a lot of hard work, but it can be done. If I can do it anyone can.

I don't mean any of this to sound harsh and I am sorry if it does, I am doing the best to explain what I can without seeing your site, or knowing what you have done. If you are having troubles with keywords, I would go back to KW research and look for some with less competition. There are plenty out there.

use the keyword analysis tool to check how competitive they are. look at how many back links the top sites for your keywords have and compare it to how many you have.

Start looking at your on page SEO score, and look at the top sites for your keywords. you can do all of that with TT.

I know you have put a lot of work into your site to get this far. Stop messing around with other programs and systems. stick with one plan until you make it work.
Take time to build a relationship with your visitors. It does not have to be buddy buddy, but they have to trust you or they will not buy from you.
If you would like, you can send me a PM with your site address and I will help you analyze it to see why it is not making money.

If you have skype, you can reach me there as well, just look for jmpruitt75

I hate to see someone put that much effort into this and just give up because of sales. It is hard I know
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Great words of advice. I personally have been "dabbling" in affiliate marketing until starting this program and have now fully embraced what I'm doing. That being said, it can still get frustrating. I'm not getting hundreds of visitors per day... yet. But I do realize that it takes time too. Just in a few weeks time it continues to grow almost daily. "If you build it, they will come". Hang in there BCM, and don't feel like you're whining, everyone needs a boost somedays, you can do this. Believe in yourself and create a product (site) that people will want to come to, even if it's just for information. They'll appreciate you in the long run and then your reputation goes up with them and the sales will come.

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Learning AB and here's the first site. Let me know what you think. www.todaysbestweightloss.com

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