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Looking for a program to promote? Found a product but not sure if it is any good? Discuss anything on programs and affiliate networks here. review?

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Hi Everyone!

i would like to ask if anyone made money with , any reviews of them . do they pay ? . i am planning to start with them but wanted everyone reviews first.
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ive never used them, but im sure someone will of on here.
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Ive never used them cant tell. I use Neverblue and a bunch of other networks when it comes to CPA, Neverblue is one of the most respected CPA network there is and their interface is probably the best there is in CPA biz. But if you are going to promote CPA offers you need to rotate your offers quite a bit because there is something called "scrubbing". ie you will not get paid for leads that is of low quality according to the advertiser. To combat that you need to rotate your offers to be able to see which CPA network will work best for you. So i recommend to sign up with a bunch of different CPA networks. is a good start to go. There is also some buzzcreators representant in this forum i believe...
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