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Best SEO Product

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Best SEO Product

Hi I have found a great product that I have bought and have on most all my websites now called:Related RSS

This is a word press plugin that can give new content to each post on your site almost daily .
It also gives you a link from your site to an authority website great for seo .

You can set the plugin to open all links in a new window to keep folks on your site this also gives your site longer holding power your site gets better rank for people who stay on it longer.

The product is cheap and easy to set up it does have a few draw backs like some times it gives the same stories on a few posts but it pulls it,s stories based on your meta keywords or rather the first one on each post.
There is also a way to change this on site using the custom features settings .
You can also just have the plugin on a few posts if you want .

My thought's are if used smartly this cheap and constant updating of your website posts with out ever going to them is the best thing since sliced bread which is over rated anyway since they have pizza now.
That is way off topic it will be a great product and around for a long time O yeah it pulls it's content from Google news. I think this will work fine for me .
It took me twenty minutes to set it up on the first website most of the time checking to see if it was working.
You can check it working at: http://www.salesmarketingideas.com/ it has a link to the video on the product in the side bar top left in side bar Related RSS. Check it out
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