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Best Article Spinner?

teresa fernandez
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Best Article Spinner?

Hi guys,

I´m looking to buy an article spinner, only the software that I can run on my Mac not a service like AMA and a software that I pay ONCE not a monthly fee.

Ideally I´m looking for an article spinner that :

Can spin sentences and synonyms (2 levels deep spinning)
Preferably it will submit my articles to X amount of article directories
Preferably have the option to add my own article directories
Preferably it will support Spanish (most of the time I´m spinning articles in Spanish)

Can any one recomend any good ones?

Many thanks,

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Hi Tere,

It seemed that you want an article spinner/directory submitter, correct?

If you are then I'm not sure if you can get the best tool out there since from what I have read and based from experience, most article spinner and submitter tools like Magic Submitter and SeNukeX have a lot of flaws in terms of their site list.

Most of the sites in these two services need updating as some of them are no longer published and some sites where you post your content) have themes that are not even related to your content. Thus, you may want to think about these issues first beofre purchasing.

The spinner feature in these services is okay but not as great as The Best Spinner software (where you can take full advantage of the spin features).

I suggest, you look for separate tools instead. Try to get a separate article spinner and a separate service for submitting articles. It is also helpful if you try to read reviews of the tools you want to purchase. This will help you a lot in deciding which tool or service to get in the first place.

I hope that helps!

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How do I say this without being harsh? Well, here it is regardless: There IS no such thing as a "best" automatic article spinner.

There is really only a "How much of a mangled and useless mess of words, that I have to spend time rearranging into something coherent anyway, will this "software" make?" - spinner.

I can go on and on, but ask yourself this:

If someone were to visit your site on a mission to find anything they were interested in, and the first thing they read was something that came off of a "spinner", how seriously do you think they would take your site and how long do you think they would stay - let alone buy anything?

(Now if you are using such content on a "feeder" site, that may be a different animal, but even that game has severe limits and drawbacks which I won't go into now.)

When you honestly answer that, you'll know that you could have, and should have, just spent the time and effort writing whatever you needed yourself, or paying someone a reasonable fee to do it for you - the RIGHT way.

'Nuff said.

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