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Anyone successfully promoting Affiloblueprint?

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Anyone successfully promoting Affiloblueprint?

Good evening fellow AB'ers,

My question is simple "Is anyone successfully promoting Affiloblueprint?"

I know that you can use obvious keywords such as:

1) email marketing
2) landing page
3) article marketing
4) keyword research
5) website building

and so on to promote Affiloblueprint but how do I choose keywords to say target:

1) retirees
2) college students
3) people with undesiriable jobs
4) people who vacation
5) middle class
6) etc.....

I can do the research, I'm not asking for someone to do the work I just need help in the right direction for choosing keywords....someone to help me "turn on the light" sort of speak.

I was surprised to find out how big the commissions were for Affiloblueprint. The work it takes to promote a $30 commission is the same work it takes to promote a $112 commission, so what would you rather promote?

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