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Agoda hotel banner

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Agoda hotel banner

Evening All,

Wondered if any tech-whizz-affiliate-gurus can help with a fairly simple problem.


I've set up a city guide / travel blog with a twist where I think I can get some traffic the corporate affiliate overlords aren't paying attention to. The monetization method is reviewed products with Amazon and hotels / flights.

I've setup a wordpress blog called Listbale which allows me to list in the same way the big portals do and I want to put an affiliate booking mechanism on each listing.

Affiliate banner

The simplist (cheapest) way to get people to book via my listing is to put a banner at the top of the listing description. So pretty pictures, key facts and before the write up, there is a graphic with a search box. Only slightly more rubbish than Trip advisor and hundreds of thousands of dollars cheaper.

Agoda has just the banner (and from what I read, one of the better hotel affiliate programs), a simple customisable tool on their dashboard, where you create various different banners, generic, or specific country, city and even hotel.

SEE http://img.agoda.net/images/partnermarketing/HotelPowerAds/Hotel-Power-Ads-Manual-v3.pdf

What comes out is a nice, simple, clearn search button with date selector and subtle Agoda branding, which works well on my design and looks surprisingly integrated and professional.

You can select a hotel with a code, which is perfect, I can allow people to select dates and be taken straight to agoda to check prices and books, no need for expensive XML data feed set up (although that would be ideal and might come later if I can get the traffic).

Sounds like I have answered my own question, accept there is a catch. In order to specify a hotel, you need the hotel code. They don't supply these on the affiliate dashboard, and when I asked their support here is their answer:

"At this moment, if you would like to know hotel code you need to check hotel data file . Sorry for the inconvenience."

I've downloaded the data file, which you can find here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k7pob3zylsit ... xlVKa?dl=0

But honestly I don't know what to do with that datafile and there is zero in the FAQs or help files about it. And as you can see above, the 'support' person struggles with constructing sentences in English let alone being helpful.

There are 80 hotels in the city I'm talking about, how the funk do I get those codes from this data file without connecting to their data-feed and getting all technical and expensive.

Your help would make me a very happy man.

Also, would welcome any alternative affiliates or solutions to the above problem?

Thanks, all the best.
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I think you need to upload the data file to your own server and connect to the site. Unfortunately, I am not technical enough to give you instructions how to do this.

Have you tried contacting Agoda support if they have a list of steps on how to do it, or a ready-made plugin you can use?

Agoda is still the best place to ask because they own the code.

Please let us know how you get on. All the best!
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