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Affilorama Premium Membership

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Affilorama Premium Membership

First of all, i want to thank Mark and his staff for this great website. Thank You.

I want to know more about Affilorama Premium Membership. Can anyone specify more benefits of this service. If i do not have bought Afilloblueprint 2.0, is it worth to buy premium membership separately. The premium membership page is not very informative and judging by that page i think it's not worth $47/month + VAT if you live in EU. But i believe that Mark is a great guy and he wont rip so much for garbage. So, can anybody tell me more details about premium membership at affillorama. Thanks.
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Hi L,
Well you get some great tools to use for site SEO and tools to use for your websites etc.. you also get the monthly Magazine ( digitally ) which is jam packed with info not shared on the free side.
Hey... check it out for 1 mth and if your not happy then just cancel.
I am sure Mark would not want anyone paying for something they did not feel was worth the money.
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