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Affiliate Tracking vs. Keyword Conversions

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Affiliate Tracking vs. Keyword Conversions

Affiliate tracking is easy enough to understand. Clickbank gives you a unique code and so you instantly realize which products are converting the most sales.

And keyword/page tracking is easy enough to do with Google Analytics.
But is there a way to track which keywords and pages are creating the most sales? If I have a site that has 200+ pages, I’d like to know which pages (and keywords) are actually converting customers.

If I know this, I can scale up those keywords and try to imitate those high performing pages accordingly.

Any ideas on this?

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One thing you can do is adding different hoplinks for the individual pages. If you have got an article that targets, for instance, the keyword "stop dog barking" and you are promoting kingdomofpets.com's program then you could create a hop link with a tracking ID that looks like this: kopPOSTID.

First is the abbreviation of the affiliate program and the post ID is obviously the number wordpress automatically assigns to the post.

That way you know from what page the sale came from and which affilite program it was in case you promote different programs on one article.

You could do that even further if you have a banner and a text link in one article you could either add BL(banner link) or TL(text link) to the tracking ID so that you even know which one of the links get clicked more often and what link converts better.

Another way of tracking things where the sale came from is by contacting the affiliate program owner and ask them if they would add you analytics code to their "thank you for purchasing page". That would make things even easier for you.

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I think it will be best for you to look at some tools that provide what you are looking for. You may check springmetrics.com. They can track keywords and pages that converts.

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