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Affiliate program - Landing page problem

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Affiliate program - Landing page problem

Good evening, I am a merchant who runs a website, and I would like to start an affiliate program.
My idea was to create a new landing page (almost same site, just renamed), the problem is that I also have 50 other sites, so is there any software that can fix following problem:
When the user visits my landing page, then visits another site and when he clicks on the same page again, he will land on the original page that looks similar to the landing page.

Is there any possibility to still recognize that the visitor came from my affiliate?

I hope I could explain it clear, it´s not that easy for me as I am a newbie here.

Kind regards
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Yes, it is possible to track the original referral. Whatever system you use will need to set a cookie when a visitor is referred. This cookie tells your system that this visitor was referred by X and therefore, anytime this visitor comes back to your site they will still be credited, UNLESS...

1. The visitor comes back to your site through a different affiliate link (this sets the cookie to the new referrer).
2. The cookie expires (you can set the cookie life to 1 day, 30 days, 60 days or whatever you like, although affiliates like to see a longer cookie life as it gives them more incentive to promote for you).
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