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Affiliate Marketing Milestones

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Affiliate Marketing Milestones

I watched one of Mark's webinars where he talks about milestones that you should shoot for when building your websites to do affiliate marketing.

From what I remember he said the following:

Goal #1 - Create website that makes you at least $50/week

Goal #2 - Create 4 more websites that make you at least $50/week

What are other goals that you can set after those?
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If you're really new to affiliate marketing, I would actually set some smaller goals first. (Assuming you're building an SEO website.)

Goal 1: Average of 20 visitors per day
Goal 2: Average 20 clicks on your affiliate links per day
Goal 3: Get 200 subscribers to your mailing list


You can make it all about the money, but sometimes it's easier to focus on the steps that will get you to make the money. You can still feel like you're making progress even if you haven't made any money yet.

But as for goals AFTER 5 x sites earning $50/week ($250/week) .... you could have 5 x sites earning $100 week ($500/week). 5 x sites earning $200/week ($1000)

Or 10 x sites earning $50/week ($500/week), or 10 x sites earning $100/week ($1000/week).

Or a subscriber list of 1000.

Or 500 visitors per day.

... you'll be able to see what works best for you by that point, and what you should be doing to improve your earnings.
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