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Affiliate marketing 101: How to keep track of all my domains

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Affiliate marketing 101: How to keep track of all my domains

I always want to make money online but there's this thing I'm skeptical about. If I promote a product from Clickbank etc.. How does one keep track of all the website domain you create ? If anyone knows and is a pro at this please let me know. I'm so confused.
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You don't tend to create hundreds and hundreds of domain names.
Not through the methods that we teach you anyway.

I think you might be a little confused :)
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Hi Luis,
As Aletta stated, You would start of with maybe 1 or 2 domains and build a good site on that domain.
Get it making some money then move on to another one if that is what you are wanting to do.
The only reason to register hundreds of domains is if you are a domainer buying up domain names and sitting on them.. until someone wants to buy them, but that can be a tricky business too as it is hit and miss.
Mark recently stated that the affiliates making big money only really concentrate on 1 or 2 niches or are getting income from those 2 main niches.

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