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Affiliate Advertisers for Tickets

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Affiliate Advertisers for Tickets

Hey all,

I'm looking to link up with a ticketing advertiser for affiliate marketing relations. I will mostly be promoting sporting event tickets (NBA, NHL, etc).

The two companies which are reputable and came to mind who I would advertise for in a heartbeat is TicketMaster and Stubhub. Both don't offer affiliate programs though. I found a couple of others in my cj account named TicketNetwork and TicketLiquidator. They seem quite known and big, but after reading a lot of customer reviews, they seem shaddy and not so professional. The last thing I want are a ton of customers coming at me with complaints about not getting their tickets.

Does anyone have any experience with TicketNetwork or TicketLiquidator? Or do you have a recommended ticketing company who offers affiliate partnerships?

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You better see answer on forum ))))))))))))))) It seems to me strange
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