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Adsense tool in Yahoo Search Marketing?

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Adsense tool in Yahoo Search Marketing?

Now that Overature is no more and it is all within Yahoo! Search marketing, where can you find how much people are paying per click to know how much (approx.) you can make through adsense? Does that same tool still exist within the Yahoo! Search Marketing, and if so where?

Also, so I'm not filling up the forum with a thousand posts, does anyone know of a free tool that has number of competitors sites (like WordTracker)? I know that Google's keyword tool give you the advertising competition but i don't know how well that carries over to overall competition on the web (probably not very well) and that tool does not seem to work anyway because I searched for one term that was ranked as "Highly Competitive" and there was not even 1 sponsored listing, so i think that data might be more voodoo magic than anything else. But anyone, anyone who could help with a free competition tool that would be great!!! THanks again for all your help everyone!
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Do you mean the number of competitors sites for SEO? We had some tips for this in the May 07 update... under "hot tips for search engine domination" with Jason Katzenback.

He talks about using allintitle:"garbage cans" (for instance) to find out how many sites have "garbage cans" in their page title. And allinanchor:"garbage cans" to see how many have "garbage cans" in anchor text. That's in addition to your standard Google search. This gives you a good idea about your competition...

Read the interview for more details about how that works... he gives some figures like "oooh, this is good" or "I wouldn't do it with this much competition" and stuff like that, and some other tricks you can do.

Have fun!
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