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Adam and Alen, Affiliate marketing - Confusion and Questions

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Adam and Alen, Affiliate marketing - Confusion and Questions

Mark Ling recently sent us a video in the email with Alen and Adam about their new product Niche Profit Classroom. The video was very informative and I wrote down as much as I could, but I am a little confused about how legitimate the process is, and I have some questions. I know Mark is promoting the product, so I don't want to cause any drama, but I have some observations.

The course seems to focus on the MoneyWord Matrix, using Amazon for market research, and finding niche markets with very little results, yet high search volume. It teaches you how to outsource product creation, and how to use Amazon to give you ideas on what products to create. It gives you the specific idea of looking at "dummies guides", sending the table of contents to a researcher, and having your own version of the book written up for sale. It also suggests that you can use the same methods for promoting affiliate products.

However, upon further research I noticed that Adam and Alen already have dozens upon dozens of websites taking advantage of the majority of "dummies guide" type books available on Amazon. Nearly every dummies guide keyword I Google, I find a landing page that looks identical to Alen and Adams "Betta Fish" website (suggesting their ownership). Furthermore, I literally cannot find a SINGLE keyword, let alone profitable keyword, that fits into the MoneyWord Matrix. I sat around Googling obscure, random, non random, profitable, non profitable, related, all of the above - keywords, and I truly couldn't find a single one that returned a low enough amount of results that it would rank as "excellent" or even "good" based on the MoneyWord Matrix. (I tried this for a couple of obscure dummies guide-related keywords, but I am by no means a master keyword researcher).

It seems that if I promote products using this fashion, I will likely be promoting websites owned by Alen and Adam, while attempting to outrank their own created-product-article rich-website, which seems very hard. Or, If I plan to create products, I will be competing with products they already have. I am sure that every market isn't saturated, but it still leaves me worried and hesitant.

As a brand spanking newbie, I am becoming somewhat unsettled about my future in affiliate marketing. I genuinely crave the idea of promoting products and being my own boss, possibly starting a business, but I am questioning the legitimacy of the practice. It seems that all of the affiliate marketers who make real money are doing it by teaching others to make money as an affiliate marketer. Plus, that market itself is already becoming extremely saturated.

I just watched a video on the SuperAffiliate handbook homepage where Rosalind Gardner shows us how much money she makes, and despite her efforts to blur the page-names, and address bars, I noticed that she was SHOWING US the money she was making OFF her "super affiliate handbook" program. All of a sudden "I make 1000$ a day, and I can teach you" turns into "I make 1000$ teaching you how I can make 1000$ a day". I really don't see a future for myself in the field if it boils down to [ making a little money as an affiliate selling ebooks (I am the gas) ----> make a little more money selling my own ebook (using affiliates as gas)---> make a bunch of money teaching people how I made money online (top of affiliate hierarchy) ]. Its equally as odd that I can't find a single review on any of these programs that isn't either; Positive - from an affiliate ;or negative - from a rival affiliate.

Now, I guess my question is "Whats going on here? is there actually money to be made in affiliate marketing, or is it in only in product creation, and creating my own how-to-affiliate-market site? Is affiliate marketing just this giant phantom network of false reviews, and haphazard ebooks? Is it a bunch of superaffiliates asking us for 1000$ online, and then showing us how they just made 1000$ online? Can I simply market products online, and make an extremely healthy income off of it?" I only ask these questions because If I really plan to delve into this field, I wan't to know it won't be time wasted.

I do what to point out though that I appreciate Marks program. I am not sure how many of those products on Clickbank are actually his, but I do know that he is capable of making money specifically from the marketing angle. The Affiloblueprint course has, thus far, taught me a tremendous amount about the underworkings of the whole industry. I tried Wealthy Affiliate and was absolutely lost, and I really like Marks approach to the whole thing.

Any input is appreciated thanks.
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this is a question that many people have asked and answered several times, so dont feel alone.

The thing is that you will get out of it what you put into it. Some people will make a lot of money as an affiliate while others will not, a lot of it is up to you and how much you want to give.

One thing that I have found is that many of the product owners out there arent really making much from owining their products. the reason they make what they do is because owning their products helps them build an email list of proven buyers which will convert ,much better to sales than a list of freebie seekers.

That being said, it takes a lot of work but you can make a lot of money simply as an affiliate. there are several of us here who only work as an affiliate, and make a decent income. as an affiliate, you probably wont get rich from just one or two niche sites though. Also, you dont have to limit yourself to just ebooks or educational programs. although these are great, there are tons of great affiliate programs out there for other types of products.

I am involved in the make money online niche, and it is profitable, but it is also actually harder to make money in that niche than in other niches. There are tons of other niche markets that you can use to make money in.

Also, NPC has been out for a long while. many of those sites you are seeing are probably their students sites, and not Allen and Adam's sites themselves.

The thing that you need to realize is that the people who are making money as an affiliate but that are not involved in the make money online niche are usually not going to be sharing their sites with other people. even those that do teach in the make money online niche dont always share all their money making sites. they usually have a few that they use for teaching purposes, but they wont show off all of their sites.

Mark has a really great course here, and I recommend that you follow it. Mark is a marketer and not everyone on his list has bought his products. also some of us have already been successful using his course and are looking for further training to expand our businesses.

You should focus on following the AB course through and don't worry about the other products he promotes until you see that one successful. One thing you should realize is that the AB course is very basic and focuses on learning the fundamentals. there are loads of ways to expand your business further after you fully understand those fundamentals. Product creation is just one way, but it is not the only way. I know some people who just continue building new affiliate sites following Mark's basic training, and others who have decided to focus on just a few niches and expand into product creation. that is a choice you have to make for yourself.
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