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A suggestion to increase engagement in the forum section

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A suggestion to increase engagement in the forum section

I know I have been gone for years but this forum is such a special place. When I was starting out no matter what question I have all I knew I had to do was post here on this forum and wait for the sun to come up in the Philippines or New Zealand and get a great answer to my question .

The forum never was very active and it still doesn’t seem to be that active.

I’m just wondering if it would help if somehow there was a daily digest sent to our email of all the new activity to draw us back to the forum every day?

I am sure this could be set up electronically automatically in someway?

Just a thought.
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JC Dean
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Hi JC,

Thanks for a great suggestion! We are always trying to provide a better service for our members and we will take your suggestion into consideration. Kindly add your suggestion or request to our feedback forum, where our developers can access them directly: http://feedback.affilorama.com/

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.
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